Powerful Night Prayer for Protection

 Powerful Good Night Prayer, Quotes, Blessings for Protection




"May your night be filled with peace and God's protective embrace. Good night."

"Lord, guard my loved ones as they rest. Keep them safe through the night. "

"Heavenly Father, cover us with Your wings of protection as we sleep. Good night."


"May angels watch over you and bring you peace tonight. Sleep well."

"God's light shines upon you, even in the darkest hours. Rest peacefully."

"Bless us, O Lord, with a night of tranquility and safety. Good night."

"Dear Lord, grant us restful sleep and protect us from all harm. "

"May God's angels guard you through the night, bringing you comfort and peace."

"Good night. May divine protection surround you and your home tonight."


"Lord, let Your peace cover us like a blanket as we sleep. "

"May your dreams be sweet and your night be filled with divine protection. Good night."

"God, bless our home with peace and safeguard our sleep."

"Rest in the knowledge that God watches over you tonight. Sleep well."

"Heavenly Father, send Your angels to guard us and keep us safe through the night. "

"May God's love and protection be with you always, especially tonight. Good night."

"Lord, calm our minds and protect our hearts as we rest. Good night."

"Sleep peacefully under God's watchful eye. Good night and sweet dreams."

"Dear Lord, surround us with Your protection and give us a restful night. "

"May God's peace envelop you and His angels guard you tonight. Good night."

"Heavenly Father, grant us a night of safety and peace. Bless our sleep. "

"May God's grace grant you a night of serene and secure rest. Good night."

"Lord, protect our dreams and shield us from harm tonight. "

"Rest in God's love, knowing His protection is over you. Good night."

"May the Lord bless you with a night of safety and peaceful sleep. "

"God, fill our night with Your divine peace and protection. Good night."

"Heavenly Father, watch over us and keep us safe as we sleep. "

"Good night. May angels guard your dreams and keep you safe till dawn."

"Lord, cover us with Your protective presence and grant us restful sleep. "

"May God's peace and protection be with you through the night. Sleep well."

"Dear God, bless us with a night of safety and sweet, restful dreams."

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